What is One For Coweta?

During the process of implementation of the One For Coweta Sales tax approved by Coweta voters 72% to 28% in September of this year, City of Coweta staff discovered a technical error. Oklahoma state statutes, specifically Title 11, Section 16-101, require that a Resolution Calling for the Election for any municipal election be published in a "newspaper of general circulation in the municipality" at least 10 days before the election date. While we did print and mail a voter information flyer to every Coweta utility customer, hold public meetings, and promote links to voter information online, we did not publish the Resolution Calling for the Election in the Wagoner County American-Tribune.

What does that mean? It means that in the interest of government transparency and compliance with statute, we expect to bring this proposition back to Coweta voters early next year.

The City Council was made aware of the error this week and directed city staff to pursue the re-submittal of the election for the proposed sales tax increase and to stop the implementation of the sales tax until that time. Local businesses will be informed via the Oklahoma Tax Commission about the changes directly.

At this time, we anticipate placing the new ordinance for the proposed tax and a resolution calling for the election on the December City Council agenda. If Council chooses to move forward with those actions, the election would likely be held on February 8th, 2022. After Council determines next steps for the City at the December meeting, watch for additional information on the City website, on Facebook, and on the OneforCoweta.com website.

We sincerely apologize for the error, and we are taking all necessary steps including asking the City Attorney and our Bond Counsel to help ensure we meet all requirements and publications moving forward.

On September 14, 2021, voters in the city of Coweta will have the opportunity to implement a one-penny sales tax that will create a dedicated source of revenue for improving our public safety, roads, drainage, parks, and other critical infrastructure. If passed, the One for Coweta funds would be used exclusively to accomplish important projects like improving our public safety facilities, enhancing local parks, and improving our roadways.

Key Initiatives

One for Coweta funds can only be used in the ways specified by the voters – meaning they will be dedicated fully to the key areas already identified by the City Council. If approved, this sales tax measure will provide a dedicated fund for necessary improvements to existing city infrastructure. These improvements include:
  • Creating additional lanes and adding shoulders to existing roads in Coweta
  • Updating Coweta Sports Park to improve overall usability and accessibility
  • Expanding and renovating Coweta’s existing Public Safety facility
  • Building a new fire station in the northern part of Coweta
  • Conducting a Master Drainage study to identify areas and methods of improvement to stormwater drainage and retention

Vote on September 14th, 2021

If you are new to Coweta or recently moved, the voter registration deadline is August 20th, 2021.

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How does Coweta fund city expenses?

What are our options to fund existing and future capital projects?

Coweta’s general fund budget is almost entirely composed of local sales tax, and that fund has to support many operating expenses of the City, including public works and public safety. There is no significant source of revenue that can be dedicated solely to road repairs and capital projects. As the City of Coweta grows, the need for capital improvements will grow as well, and the City has two options to fund these growing needs:

Everyone shopping in Coweta - and therefore using the roads in Coweta - funds these necessary projects, not just the property owners.
The burden is on those who own homes and businesses in Coweta only.

As a community, Coweta voters will have the opportunity to approve a one-penny sales tax measure to provide support for infrastructure and public safety investments to sustain Coweta’s forward progress.

Public Information Meetings

The City of Coweta is hosting two in-person public meetings to share details and receive public comments on the sales tax initiative up for a vote on September 14th. The City will also host a digital meeting with citizens.